Airport Charges

The airport charges are fees on the following services:

  • Click here to download the Seychelles International Airport Charge Structure (in PDF)
  • Click here to download the Praslin Airport Charge Structure (in PDF)
  • Airport Pass Fees
    Airport security passes are issued to all service providers operating within restricted areas of the SIA & Praslin Airport.
    SR 50 is charged for each pass.
  • Kiosks, Offices & Properties Rental
    These are charges levied for rental of kiosk (car hires/DMC) offices (airlines), lease of land to tenants.
  • Advertisement Fees
    Please contact Roma Flash on +248 4324 452 for all your advertising at Seychelles International Airport and Praslin Airport.
  • Licensing & Registration
    Consist of Aerodrome, Certificate of Airworthiness, heliport and pilot licences.
  • Concessions Duty Free
    Rent is a percentage of turnover or a fixed amount whichever is the highest.
  • Fuel Throughput Charges
    Charges levied for all aircrafts uplifting fuel at SIA.
    Rate are charged to the Seychelles Petroleum Company Limited.
    They are now accepting credit / debit card payments for customers uplifting fuel.

The rates for the following fees can be obtained via a written request to the Financial 

Last Updated: Wednesday 19th February 2020

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