What is Security Culture?

Security Culture is a set of norms, beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions that are inherent in the daily operation of an organization and are reflected by the actions and behaviours of all entities and personnel within the organization. Security should be everyone's responsibility - from the ground up.

Effective security culture is about:

  • Recognizing that effective security is critical to business success;
  • Establishing an appreciation of positive security practices among employees;
  • Aligning security to core business goals; and
  • Articulating security as a core value rather than as an obligation or a burdensome expense


The benefits of an effective security culture include:

  • Employees are engaged with, and take responsibility for, security issues;
  • Levels of compliance with protective security measures increase;
  • The risk of security incidents and breaches is reduced by employees thinking and acting in more security-conscious ways;
  • Employees are more likely to identify and report behaviours/activities of concern;
  • Employees feel a greater sense of security; and
  • Security is improved without the need for large expenditure.

Our Objectives!

  • Encourage awareness of and alertness to security risks by non-security personnel working at both Seychelles International Airport and Ile des Palmes Airport and to also know their role in identifying, eliminating or reduces those risks;
  • Encourage non-security staff to familiarize themselves with security issues, procedures and response mechanisms in case of suspicious activities;
  • Promote willingness for staff to accept responsibility, be pro-active and make decisions freely in the event of security occurrences which include incidents, deficiencies and breaches.
  • Encourage non-security staff to challenge other personnel in case of irregularities and to accept being challenged;
  • Encourage the immediate report of occurrences or any suspicious activity that are security-related either anonymously or confidentially;
  • Ensure that SCAA strengthen its internal security culture as is being emphasized for operators/stakeholders operating at Seychelles International Airport and Ile Des Palmes Airport.

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