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Before converting your foreign licence, upgrading from a CPL to an ATPL, or acquiring a specific type rating, it is required you sit and pass the theoretical examinations provided by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority. Before sitting for the exam, you must send us an examination booking request and select the specific examinations that you wish to undertake. This request should be submitted to our office following the outlined steps mentioned below. By following these steps, you can efficiently schedule your examinations and ensure a smooth and organized assessment process

Application Process

To access and complete this application form, Centrik access is required. Please follow the steps outlined below to request access:

Step 1 – Initiate Access Request: Click the button below to start the access request process.
Step 2 – Submission Review: Once your request is submitted, our team will review it for approval.
Step 3 – Approval and Log In Credentials: If your request is approved, we will promptly send your log in credentials to the email address you provided.

Please ensure you have defined a default mail application on your computer or mobile device.
If you already have access to Centrik, please disregard this step.

Request Centrik Access
 Processing Time
 within 2 working days of submission of the application.


 Examination  Available for  Format
 Air Law  CPL (A) CPL (H) ATPL (A)  Multiple Choice
 Operational Procedures  CPL (A) CPL (H) ATPL (A)  Multiple Choice
 DHC6 Technical Type Rating  CPL (A) ATPL (A)  Multiple Choice

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