Aerodromes [ADR]

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  • Aerodrome Forms
    Title Download
     Application for an Aerodrome License + Guidance (PDF)
     Application for a Temporary Aerodrome License + Guidance  (PDF)


    Payment Form (PDF)
    Ref. Title Issue Date Download
    1/2008 Procedures for the Issue of a Notice to Aerodrome License Holders 30/12/2008 (PDF)
     2/2008 Requirement for aerodrome Operators to assess the impact of bird strikes at the aerodrome and implement measures to control the hazard including the control of development of facilities on or in the vicinity of the aerodromes that are likely to attract birds.
     30/12/2008  (PDF)
     1/2009 The requirement to periodically determine and report information regarding runway friction characteristics.
     01/01/2009  (PDF)
    1/2010 The requirement for airports to measure and report the pavement strength (pavement classification number (PCN)) 01/01/2010 (PDF)
    1/2019 Amendment to Seychelles Manual of Aerodrome Standards (SMAS) 15/01/2019 (PDF)

    [ADN] Aerodrome Notices
    Notice No. Title/Subject Issue No. Issue Date Download
    ADN 01  Aerodrome Notices 01 09/07/2020 (PDF)
    ADN 02  Application for Exemption from regulations and directives 01 09/07/2020 (PDF)
    ADN 03  Process to appeal a decision made by the Authority 01 09/07/2020 (PDF)
  • Notes:

    The following Civil Aviation Directives should be read in conjunction with Part 23 of the Civil Aviation (Safety) Regulations, 2017. Technical standards once incorporated are effective and applicable as amended (unless stated otherwise)

    1. The intent of the Civil Aviations Directives is to advise the aviation industry on the reference of the technical standards and the amendment status at the time of incorporation
    2. The Civil Aviation Directives may not necessarily refer to the latest amendment status which may be effective and should not be utilised to verify the amendment status of such technical standards. Operators should consult the respective organisation official web site for such information.

    Reference CAD Title Standard Incorporated Standard Target Date Issue Effective Download
    ADR/61(1) Design, Operations and Certification of Aerodromes Seychelles Technicial Standards - Aerodromes Design, Operations and Certification of Aerodromes ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1 31/10/2019 2 04/11/2019 (PDF)
    ADR/106 Authority Requirements, Aerodromes STS-AR.ADR Authority Requirements, Aerodromes ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1 28/06/2019 1 01/07/2019 (PDF)

  • Aerodrome Safety Publications (ASP)
    Ref. Title Issue Date Download
    ASP 01  Calculating Declared Distances July 2019 (PDF)
    ASP 02  Use of Pavement Under Overload Operations July 2019 (PDF)
    ASP 03  Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodromes September 2019 (PDF)
    ASP 04  Establishing Safety Programmes January 2020 (PDF)
    ASP 05  Developing & Submitting CAPs July 2020 (PDF)


    Ref. Title Issue Date Download
    TGO AGA 04  The Conduct of Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and the Production of Safety Cases Aug 2008 (PDF)
    TGO AGA 05  Guidance enabling the SCAA to impose operating restrictions and sanctions in the event of non conformance to conditions of license/Certification requirements or an unresolved safety concern Sep 2008 (PDF)


    Ref. Title Issue Date Download
    TPO AGA 01  Aerodrome Certification procedures and Checklists Jul 2008 (PDF)
    TPO AGA 02  Birdstrike Risk Management for Aerodromes Sep 2008 (PDF)
    TPO AGA 03  Coordination policy and procedures establishing coordination between Aerodromes and Aeronautical Information Services Dec 2008 (PDF)
  • Title Issue Date Download
    STS - Aerodromes November 2019 (PDF)
    STS - Authority Requirements, Aerodromes July 2019 (PDF)
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