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The department is responsible for the provision of a safe, effective and efficient air navigation service within the Seychelles Flight Information Region (FIR). This flight information region covers an area of approximately 2.63 million square kilometers and borders the flight information regions of Kenya, Somalia, India, Mauritius, Madagascar and Tanzania. The department encompasses the Air Traffic Management and Communication Navigation Surveillance divisions.

Air Traffic Management (ATM)

The ATM Division comprises of the following sections: Air Traffic Services (ATS) Responsible for the provision of air traffic control service, flight information service and alerting service to aircraft operating within the Seychelles FIR. The services are provided by competent air traffic Controllers who are trained and licensed in accordance with regulations derived from international standards. These Controllers manage a total of four ATS units described below:

  1. En-route Oceanic Control Centre: Responsible for the provision of area control service to aircraft operating on ATS routes in the Seychelles flight information region excluding the terminal control area.
  2. Approach Control Unit: Responsible for the provision of approach control service to aircraft arriving to and departing from Seychelles International Airport (SIA) excluding the Mahe and Praslin Towers Control Zones. This Unit is also responsible to provide air traffic control service to all flights over flying and operating at other aerodromes within the Control Area (CTA).
  3. Mahé Control Tower: Responsible for the provision of aerodrome control service to aircraft operating in and out of SIA and aircraft operating in the SIA Control Zone (CTR).
  4. Praslin Control Tower: Responsible for the provision of aerodrome control service to aircraft operating in and out of Praslin aerodrome and aircraft operating in the Praslin Control Zone (CTR).

Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)

Responsible for the provision of aeronautical data and aeronautical information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation within the Seychelles FIR.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Responsible to organise the establishment and prompt provision of search and rescue services within the Seychelles SAR region, which coincides with the Seychelles FIR, to ensure that assistance is rendered to persons in distress.

Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS)

Responsible to develop and maintain Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP), Standard Arrival Routes (STAR) and Standard Instrument Departure (SID) that are used to allow aircraft to land and take off when operating under Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) or when Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) requires flight to operate under IFR.

Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS)

The division’s primary function is to ensure the highest reliability, availability, continuity, accuracy and integrity of CNS facilities for the provision of efficient and safe Air Navigation Services in the Seychelles FIR. It provides the following services:
• Aeronautical Fixed Service
• Aeronautical Mobile Service
• Aeronautical Radio Navigation Service
• Aeronautical Broadcasting Service
• Technical support to Air Traffic Management;

As its primary strategic objective, it invests in modern aeronautical telecommunications facilities to ensure that SCAA remains competitive in the provision of CNS services and Air Traffic Management in the Seychelles FIR.

CNS Engineering staff are globally referred to as “ATSEP” (Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel) consisting of Technicians and Engineers that are responsible for the specification, procurement, installation, calibration, maintenance, testing and certification of ground electronic system used to provide CNS and Air Traffic Management service. All the above services are available 24 hours.

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