Use of Drones in Seychelles – What you need to know!

Use of Drones in Seychelles – What you need to know!

In aviation a drone is referred to as an unmanned aircraft (UA). A ‘drone’ is an aircraft that can be flown or used without having a person physically on board to operate it. Drones vary in size, weight, and capability, and those with greater sophistication can access isolated locations for the purpose of aerial surveys, provide humanitarian aid and transport essential goods. There are many types of drones ranging from Fixed Wing Drones, Quadcopters, Hex copters, and Octocopters.

Safe drone operation is of utmost priority for SCAA, it is essential that drone operation does not pose any threat to commercial or private aircraft and helicopters. To ensure accountability, safety, and compliance with the 2017 Civil Aviation Regulations, SCAA has been for the past two years encouraging individuals and businesses who own a drone to register their device. All drones with a minimum weight of 200 grams needs to register with SCAA online via the SCAA website - As of August 2023, SCAA had registered 3,838 drones and this number continues to increase.  Most of the drones registered are used for recreational purposes (videography) and commercial/ government or non-Recreational only use (for Aerial Mapping and Surveying). 

For the purpose of registration, owners are required to submit personal identification details and information pertaining to the drone device. Owners will be notified of registration once SCAA completes the processing of information submitted.

Upon successful registration of their drone, individuals intending to operate within restricted areas or controlled airspace must initiate a drone flight authorization request via their dedicated online account on the SCAA Drones Database. Upon a thorough assessment and subsequent approval, the authorization request is designated as "Approved" on the user's account, and a unique "Authorization Number" is assigned to the request. Furthermore, a confirmation of authorization is communicated to the user via email, accompanied by specific guidelines they are required to adhere to. For instance, they will be obliged to establish contact with the SCAA Air Traffic Control Tower prior to commencing drone operations. This step ensures alignment with ongoing aircraft movements and enables the confirmation of operability during the intended time frame.

Drone users and owners are encouraged to read the user manual of their drones to familiarize themselves with the operational guidelines, capabilities, and safety restrictions. The condition of the device and its remote controller should be evaluated each time before use.

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