Mass tree planting on Praslin, as part of aviation carbon offsetting initiatives

Mass tree planting on Praslin, as part of aviation carbon offsetting initiatives

A mass tree planting activity was held on 15th December 2023 to commemorate International Civil Aviation Day celebrated every 7th December. A total of 215 trees were planted to mark the day.

The activity held at the New Come Site in Baie Ste Anne District was organized by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority in partnership with the Terrestrial Restoration Action Society Seychelles (TRASS). A small group of nine persons planted a variety of trees such as Bwa -d-Tab, Bwa Torti and Bwa Sousouri on behalf of individuals and organizations who had previously submitted their pledge on the virtual environment pledge wall under the project ‘’Make a pledge and we plant a tree for you’’

The tree planting formalizes the Authority's commitment towards the global target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and its ambition to maximize activities to offset its carbon emissions by working with key parties.

It is the second time that the Authority organize a mass tree planting activity on Praslin together with TRASS. The next event will be in December 2024. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to make a pledge on the following link

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