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We are seeking to appoint self-motivated, self-driven and self-disciplined hardworking candidates for the following positions.
Licensing Permits Officer
  • Job Description

    Discharge responsibilities related to regulation, administration, training, and examination related to licensing of airside vehicle and temporary airside access for external vehicles in accordance with the airside driving rules and regulations.

    Principal Duties & Responsibilities
    • Receiving and accepting/rejecting applications to ensure timely issuance, renewal, or reissuance of permits for authorizations of operations
    • Processing of all application forms, checklists and preparing the material for the Senior Licensing Officer
    • Assists the senior licensing officer to distribute the ADP and AVP
    • Co-ordinating and processing the routine queries and administrative work required.
    • Ensuring that all regulatory material is kept available, amended and in compliance with documentation requirement
    • Maintaining an efficient link between the Airside Safety Trainers to review training materials in relation to ADP and AVP requirements
    • Maintain an efficient link between the AVSEC permit office for issuance of temporary entry permits
    • Coordinate and issue examination timetables for Airside Safety Training
    • Supply updates for the handbook for Rules and Regulations for Airside driving as and when required, in relation to ADP and AVP requirements
    • Maintaining up to date registers of all permits, trainings, applications in the licensing database including records of offences in the database in relation to airside driving rules and regulations
    • Conducts periodic checks to reconcile with accounts clients’ payments for the prescribed fees, and keeps a record for outstanding payments for follow-up with the responsible entity
    • Produce weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports with statistics to enable management to assess the performance of the division to make informed decisions
  • Qualifications
    Minimum Qualifications / Skills / Experience 
    • Diploma in either Management, Administration, Information Systems or a related discipline with a minimum two (2) years’ work experience in an administrative or similar position; OR
    • Technical qualifications in an aviation field related to one of the areas of licensing with a minimum of two (2) years aviation industry experience
    • Advanced proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office software; specifically, MS Access and MS Excel and good knowledge of office management systems and procedures.
Wildlife Control Officer
  • Job Description

    To perform wildlife control duties on the airfield including both birds and mammals, ensuring that the risk to aviation and the wider operation of the airfield and its surrounding is mitigated too as far as reasonably practicable.

    Principal Duties & Responsibilities
    • The daily control and mitigation of wildlife activities operations in line with regulator, customer and company requirements
    • Respond to accidents/incidents and assist emergency personnel as needed.
    • Respond to need for wildlife abatement in areas beyond the airfield including tenant property, and terminals.
    • Maintain a safe work area and comply with safety procedures and equipment operating rules keeping the work area in a clean and orderly condition.
    • Review of Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP)
    • Conduct periodic Wildlife Hazard Assessments as required
    • Coordinate mitigation or elimination of hazardous wildlife habitats on airport property and surrounding areas.
    • Attend to investigations of aircraft wildlife strikes.
  • Qualifications
    Minimum Qualifications / Skills / Experience 
    • Post-Secondary school diploma or an equivalent or higher qualification from a recognized institution
    • Experience in handling ammunition
    • Biodiversity Conservation Management
Vehicle and Equipment Inspector
  • Job Description

    Responsible for ensuring that all vehicles and equipment that operates on the airside undergoes all mandatory checks and inspections for the initial and renewal of Airside Vehicle Permit. It also comprises evaluating the work order and vehicles/equipment that has been released from workshop following an accident/incident, or breakdown.

    Principal Duties & Responsibilities
    • Maintains the database for vehicle/equipment inspection conducted,
    • Produce periodical reports to the licensing division.
    • Uses automated Logistics Information System to maintain vehicle/equipment inspection records.
    • Conduct vehicle/equipment tests using diagnostic equipment.
    • Prepare inspection reports for evaluation in investigation of vehicle/equipment accident/incident.
    • Participates as an investigation panel member where vehicle/equipment expert analysis is required.
    • Provides recommend corrective actions to applicants/tenants when infractions or problems are found.
    • Respond to requests for on-call inspections after hours if the Airside Duty Manager deems it necessary.
    • Responds to emergency service calls as well as accidents involving ground support equipment.
  • Qualifications
    Minimum Qualifications / Skills / Experience 
    • At least three (3) to six (6) years of experience in vehicle and aviation ground support equipment maintenance or an equivalent, maintaining motor vehicles.
    • Diploma or equivalent training in the field
    • Must possess a valid driver’s license, preferably for all class type
    • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office software
Emergency Preparedness Officer
  • Job Description
    Principal Duties & Responsibilities
    • Observe and plan for potential risks, such as outbreaks of communicable disease, technical failure of electricity networks, fuel spillage and severe weather conditions and follow-up Corrective Action & Preventive Action.
    • Conduct a full-scale airport emergency exercise, and hold formal debriefing with the airport emergency planning committee and with individual responding agencies, identify any necessary changes needed for the airport emergency plan (AEP), analyze all the comments and observations, and propose modifications to the AEP as necessary and incorporate the final changes into the airport emergency plan, and impart practical on-the-job training to the assigned counterparts.
    • Manage plan and the contact lists for emergency personnel, including, but not limited to, emergency checklists for emergency support teams and Care Support Team
    • Participate in design and maintenance of corporate Emergency Command Center, including layout, equipment, and procedures.
    • Determine and implement a strategy to meet logistical requirements of accident response, including equipment and facility needs.
    • Revise and maintain the Emergency Procedures Manual, Emergency Response Quick Reference Guide
    • Responsible for the development and execution of company-wide emergency exercises
    • Develop exercise plans and after-action reports for emergency drills
    • Act as the administrator for the emergency notification system and maintain and reconcile reports.
    • During accident response, serve as the Crisis Management Team Leader
    • Ensure that emergency systems, facilities and responses are tested on a monthly basis and document for records.
    • Provide basic training related to evacuation plan, emergency exits, PPEs to employees, contract workers and airport tenants.
    • Promote increased company-wide awareness of Emergency Preparedness goals and requirements.
    • Maintain relationship with government agencies, contractors, vendors, and non-governmental organizations involved in the emergency response plan.
  • Qualifications
    Minimum Qualifications / Skills / Experience 
    • Post-Secondary school diploma / an equivalent or higher qualification from a recognized institution
    • Design and implementation of airport emergency plan, including simulated training exercises.
    • Knowledge in Emergency Management and fire prevention
    • A good command of oral and written English
    • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office software
Trainee Aviation Security Officer
  • Job Description

    To assist in the implementation of Aviation Security measures and the prevention of acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation, airport facilities and infrastructure.

    ! Subjecting to successful completion of the training schedule, further opportunities will be present in the following specialized fields:

    Landside Security Enforcement
    • Control the movement of traffic, and person entering airport premises
    • Ensure vehicles are always parked orderly
    • Coordinate the movement of traffic at drop off and picking area
    • Conduct regular patrol at the airport premises
    • Report any security incidents and suspicious behaviour

    Video Surveillance and Monitoring
    • Operating and maintaining surveillance equipment, watching both live and recorded video surveillance footage, reporting incidents or suspicious behaviour and contacting the authorities when necessary
    • To maintain a secure system for providing data in accordance with the regulations and to ensure the security of the control room and equipment is maintained at all times and report equipment failure

    Access Control Procedures and Standards
    • Maintaining integrity of security restricted area
    • Verification of Airport Entry Permit for person and vehicle
    • Screening of authorise persons & vehicle entering security restricted Area

    X-Ray screening machine Operator
    • Operating x-ray screening equipment for screening of baggage’s /cargo.
    • Maintaining integrity of security restricted area.
    • Applying security procedures for detection of prohibited items in the Security Restricted Area.
    • Collaborates with other screeners to prevent any items which could be used to commit acts of unlawful interference from entering the security restricted area.
  • Qualifications
    Minimum Qualifications / Skills / Experience 
    • Minimum of 3 IGCSEs or ‘O’ Level with English being one of the subjects.
    • Computer literate.
    • Good communication skills
    • Well-developed customer relations skills
    • Ability to work in a team and have a high level of responsibility
Trainee Aeronautical Data Administrator
  • Job Description

    Provides 24hr manning of the Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Unit and assist the AIS Technical Administrator and AIS Supervisor with the day-to-day operations of the AIS Unit.

    Principal Duties & Responsibilities
    • Process essential flight data information in an effective and efficient manner.
    • Ensure that all Filed Flight Plan (FPL) received are entered into the Flight Data Processing System and accepted by the system for use by ATS unit.
    • Ensure that local operators conducting routine operations submit their daily intentions in good time to ensure smooth running of Air Traffic Services Unit (ATSU).
    • Answering the phone and process information in a prompt and accurate manner.
    • Report equipment unserviceability to the relevant parties.
    • Monitor, report and carry out analysis on the performance of the AFTN system.
  • Qualifications
    Minimum Qualifications / Skills / Experience 
    • Minimum of 3 IGCSEs or ‘O’ Level with English being one of the subjects.
    • Computer literate.
    • Good communication skills
    • Well-developed customer relations skills
    • Ability to work in a team and have a high level of responsibility

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The above posts come with attractive salary packages commensurate with qualifications and experience, incentives and benefits. 

Please note that potential candidates will be subjected to pre-employment medical, drug and Breathalyser tests.

Interested candidates may forward their application/CV with copies of certificates, references, ID card and Passport photograph to:

Human Resources/ Administration Department
SCAA Head Office
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