PUC 33KV Cabling Excavation Works in front of Seychelles International Airport

PUC is currently continuing with the 33KV project in front of the airport premises.

On Saturday 22nd June 2019, contractors will be on site at the domestic car park (left upon entering the airport) and at the cargo terminal car park (zebra crossing inside half fence and going in direction to the PUC substation)

IMG 20190621 144106

Any parking slots in this location are not to be used whilst PUC contractors conduct excavation works for the next 5 days, car observed in parking slots, can be lifted and relocated at other parking areas.

Further updates maybe provided during the PUC project.

For further information, please view the Project Notice.

The SCAA apologizes to our stakeholders for any such inconveniences as caused during the PUC project.


On Sunday 30th June 2019, as from 0700 LT, contractor will start removing plants/trees in the return lane, therefore this lane will be blocked off at the entrance and remain blocked until Tuesday 02nd July 2019 due to excavating works in progress.

  • On Monday 01st July 2019 between 1900 LT to 0500 LT next day, a contractor will be conducting excavating works on one side of the road leading into the car park of the cargo terminal. 
    The other side of the road will be conducted on 08th July 2019 between 1900 LT to 0500 LT next day.
  • On Tuesday 02nd July 2019, the historical entrance into the airport will be closed as from 0730 LT until Friday 05th July 2019 due to excavating works in progress. 
    Access into the airport is via the airport roundabout.

Again, the SCAA apologizes for any such inconveniences as caused