Leads development, strategic and operational management of SIA, and Praslin airport, to ensure compliance with national and international safety, and security certification, and regulations and services are of high quality meeting the needs of customers and stakeholders


Engineering and Technical Services

The main function of the Engineering and Technical Service Division is to provide technical services for the proper operation of the Seychelles International Airport and the Praslin Airport. They provide primary and secondary power supply to the airport and ensure the upkeep and availability of airfield lighting system, airport fire tenders, rescue boats and SCAA’s vehicle fleet. The division is also responsible for the upkeep of several electromechanical, electrical systems and equipment, security equipment, baggage handling system and air conditioning that is all essential for safe, reliable and efficient airport operations.

Under its auspices is the Maintenance Unit, which is responsible for the up keep of all buildings, airport facilities and ground maintenance.


Terminal Operations

Responsible for facilitation, operation and services within the terminal. It ensures that terminal facilities and service delivery equipment are in good functioning order, with contingency plans to maintain operation. Terminal Officers presence within the terminal guarantee that passenger and baggage handling processing are carried out as smoothly as possible, without excessive delays. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of terminal operation section to maintain terminal management services and portage at high standards, and up to customer expectations.


Airport Fire and Rescue Services

The principle objective of Seychelles International Airport Fire and Rescue Services is to save lives in the event of an aircraft accident or incident. This objective must assume the possibility of, and need for, extinguishing a fire that may occur immediately following an aircraft accident or incident, or at any time during rescue operations, including the suppression of cabin fires and rescue of aircraft occupants. Airport Fire and Rescue Services provides the initial response to an incident, pending the arrival of the Town Fire Brigade.

Equipped with Kronenburg and E-ONE TITAN fire Trucks at SIA, and SCANIA Fire Trucks on Praslin, the Airport Fire and Rescue Services must, by law, be able to reach the scene of a crash within two minutes and not exceeding 3 minutes as per ICAO requirement.

A Fire Service control room monitors the runways and is permanently manned by Fire Crew. It is the central point for all emergencies and alert. The control room contains the "Crash Alarm"


AVSEC Security (Implementation)

Aviation Security Implementation and Service section responsibilities are delivered on a 24 hour basis by the aviation security officers well-known as Avsec officers. Its personnel can be found all around the vicinity of the airport discharging their duties and interacting with passengers and other airport users.

This section is responsible for security at the airports in Seychelles; quality assurance in aviation      security and access and permissions with regards to airport access points (access for staff working at the airport, airline representatives, journalists, construction workers etc.)

Furthermore they Implement security measures to assure that passengers, crew, ground personnel, general public, aircraft and facilities at airports are protected against any illegal activities on the ground or inflight.

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