Strategic Objectives

As a new entity, SCAA has set itself the following strategic objectives to forge a strong-hold in the region as the most competitive civil aviation regionally & globally.
These are: 
  •  Air Transport Policy
Guarantee that Air Transport Policy contributes to the development and prosperity of Seychelles by ensuring that Air Transport Policies are relevant by initiating, implementing and reviewing legislation and regulations. 

  • Regulatory
Exceed international standards and expectations in respect of prescribed regulatory requirements by attracting new, and retaining current business emphasizing safety, security and service levels.

  • Business Development
Broaden the revenue base of SCAA by proactively identifying and exploiting profitable business opportunities. 

  • Image and Relationship Building
Establish and promote the image of SCAA as a vibrant business entity by ensuring that relationships are managed effectively and the highest level of customer service is attained.

  • Infrastructure and Facilities
Ensure an efficient and effective infrastructure and facilities to enable the achievement of the company’s objectives by implementing and maintaining a sophisticated communication and IT system, reliable backup power generation, upgrade and extension of all infrastructures.

  • Finance
Ensure an efficient and effective financial system to account for the company’s activities, comply with statutory requirements and provide relevant management information by:
- Preventing leakage and revenue loss
- Providing management information for decision-making purposes
      - Enabling the achievement of the company’s objectives

  • Human Resource
Ensure an empowered, motivated, more productive and better paid workforce by: 

- Developing competencies to enable staff to meet new challenges
- Defining clear roles, responsibilities and outputs
- Setting up a salary scheme that is based on rewarding competencies, responsibilities and exigencies of service thereby ensuring a satisfied workforce.
One of SCAA’s first prerogative was to re-organise its organisational structure to meet its strategic objectives. The new, multidivisional structure reflects SCAA’s six main functions and their operational activities and is aimed at guiding the Authority towards its goal to right sizing and efficiency, makes provision for recruitment of professionals to effectively discharge its functions and responsibilities, provide for succession planning and facilitate effective downward delegation/deputisation.
SCAA has a current complement of 500 staff and further recruitment is being undertaken in specialist cadre to meet the new challenges of the rapidly developing world of civil aviation.
Also of import to SCAA is the upgrade and extension of its infrastructures and facilities such as the International Terminal Building, the Domestic Terminal, Aircraft Parking, currently being undertaken, to cater for the immediate and future demands of the rapidly expending aviation activities in Seychelles, and associated business activities as a means of increasing its non-aeronautical revenue earnings.