Airport emergency responders upgrade their skills

The role of the emergency medical team is crucial at an airport especially when the unexpected happens and their expertise is required to save lives. To upgrade their medical background 11 airport emergency responders have recently completed an Emergency Medical Technician course


This one-month training was led by ATA International Holdings, a company in South Africa and the exam was administered by the University of Johannesburg.

Chief Fire Officer, Bernard Henriette said the “training was required to upgrade the current level of the airport fire fighters medical background to enable them to better perform when responding to medical emergencies.”

“With the basic first aid certificate received from Seychelles Red Cross they had some limitations when it comes to administering oxygen, checking blood pressure, blood sugar level and applying cervical collar.”

He explained that emergency medical technicians can provide advanced emergency medical care but not to the level of a paramedic who can give more comprehensive emergency care and administer medicines.

The Airport Fire and Rescue Services has also acquired a new ambulance with more modern equipment and it was  deemed necessary to ensure that the level of our medical responders are in line with that of the emergency vehicle, Mr Henriette added.

All 10-airport fire service officers including one officer from Health and Safety Office of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority have successfully completed the training.

Airport Firefighters Dean Florentine and Keeto Valentin who were amongst the trainees have expressed their satisfaction after following the course.

“It was challenging and what we have learned will help us to make the most of the equipment in the new ambulance,” Mr Florentine said.

Whereas, Mr Valentin added that the practical exercises were of a high standards and though some were quite difficult we managed to complete the course successfully.

It is worth noting that the airport fire and rescue services newly acquired ambulance assisted in the Pointe Larue bus stop accident which occurred recently as well as the fatal accident at Ile Soleil over the weekend.

The same course will be conducted for 10 fire service officers next year to further upgrade their capacity to provide medical aid to the traveling public, during aircraft related emergencies and other instances on humanitarian ground.

SCAA has 15 emergency medical technicians including two from Praslin and also two paramedics.

Airport Firefighters in action during the training  The participants of the course