Air Transport Section

Air Transport Office

The primary role of the Air Transport Office is to engage in international planning and cooperation with the aim of creating new opportunities for further development of the aviation industry in Seychelles.

In order to realise this endeavor the Officer participates in negotiations at bilateral and multilateral levels, with the aim of securing traffic rights and new market opportunities for both local and international carriers operating to the country. In line with this, the officer also ensure that Seychelles accedes to the various international treaties, following thorough analysis, to ensure that the country is conforming with internationally established standards. In addition to this, the Air Transport officer has to coordinate and update the Air Transport Strategic plans, policies and studies, as well as, research, analyse and report on national and international economic developments and obligations which may impact the aviation industry.

In order to ensure that all the above is done, the officer has to work in close collaboration with other government departments and authorities to ensure that aviation policies and strategies aligns with national objectives.

Air Transport Aeronautical and Environment Office

Support the SCAA to leverage its economic advantages and potential of aeronautical activities, through identification, monitoring and assessing different measures and new developments, under the guidance and conformity with international and national policies, laws and regulations. Coordinate and support the implementation of the carbon emissions reduction, eco-friendly plans, programmes and strategies, under the guidance of international and national regulations and policies.

Statistics and Forecasting Office

The Statistics and Forecasting section is responsible for the management of air transport and airport traffic information, including economic research and forecasting analyses relevant to the air transport and airport industry with the aim to fulfill the corporate obligations of SCAA, support strategic decision making and contribute to policy directions across the sphere of the SCAA’s businesses.


Airport Business Development Section

Business Development Office

The Business Development Section is responsible for the Airport non-aeronautical business strategy, commercial relationships, generation and development of new business opportunities which will contribute to enhance the Airport revenue. Its major role will be to identify, negotiate and manage the strategic relationships between the Seychelles International Airport, the Authority and commercial partners, with a view to substantially increase revenue from commercial sources. It also actively engaged in promoting the image and business activities of the Airports, develop and coordinate the implementation of customer services enhancement strategy and programs.

Marketing Office

The core role of marketing relates to developing the Seychelles Airports Brand and support commercial development at the airport through promotions and events aimed at generating non-aeronautical revenue. Implementation of innovative services to enhance the passenger experience and bring more foot traffic at the airport to use the services and facilities for the airport to function as a business. The marketing office also supports air transport in terms of strategic routes and destination development with its parent ministry – to boost tourism industry in the country.  

Customer Service Office

This office provides customer care services for passengers and airport users, providing first line services on a 24hour to facilitate customers with information services. It also supports the customer awards program incentive at the airport aimed at monitoring and evaluating service delivery, assists with passenger surveys, complaints and airport events.


Corporate Communications Section

This section is responsible to safeguard the image of the organization and for communicating with the internal and external stakeholders which include staff, airport users and the general public at large in order to manage reputation. It also promotes the organization’s mandate and core functions. 

It has a management function, and all its strategies, policies and events are aligned to the company’s corporate vision and mission.

The core function of this section is to communicate to the public and all its stakeholders (government bodies, investors, employees, partners) the goals and vision of the organisation, and its various ongoing activities, with the aim of persuading them to maintain a positive point of view about the company and its leadership.