AIRW Notices / Directives

[AN] Airworthiness Notices



Issue No. Issue Date Download
AN1 Foreword 5 31/01/2018 (PDF)
AN2 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing 7 22/11/2019 (PDF)
AN3 Type Rated - Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Certfication Responsibilities 2 01/02/2011 (PDF)
AN4 Certificates of Release to Service (CRS) 5 01/06/2018 (PDF)
AN5 Aircraft Maintenance Programme 9 23/08/2018 (PDF)
AN6 Aircraft Certification Standards Applicable in Seychelles 8 16/07/2019 (PDF)
AN7 Applicability of EASA Part 145 and Part M 4 22/11/2017 (PDF)
AN8 Certificate of Maintenance Review 5 30/11/2018 (PDF)
AN9 Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
AN10 Reporting of Suspected Unapproved Parts 3 19/09/2019 (PDF)
AN11 Application for Air Operator's Certificate - Continuing Airworthiness 5 31/01/2018 (PDF)
AN12 Issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness 13 22/03/2019 (PDF)
AN13 Application for the Issue of a Permit to Fly 5 01/10/2019 (PDF)
AN14 Registration of Aircraft in the Seychelles 4 17/04/2019 (PDF)
AN15 Implementation of Airworthiness Standards in the Seychelles 3 22/11/2017 (PDF)
AN16 Renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness 9 18/09/2019 (PDF)
AN17 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval 8 14/10/2019 (PDF)
AN18 Certificate of Airworthiness for Export 2 01/10/2009 (PDF)
AN19 Applicability of Airworthiness Directives in Seychelles 3 29/10/2019 (PDF)
AN20 Design Change and Repair Approval 3 27/09/2018 (PDF)
AN21 Disposition of Scrap Aircraft Parts and Materials 1 15/07/2014 (PDF)
AN22 Usage of parts removed from an aircraft no longer in service 3 22/11/2017 (PDF)
AN23 Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
AN24 Extended Range with Two-Engine Aeroplanes (ETOPS) Maintenance Requirements 2 13/11/2015 (PDF)
AN25 Approval and Oversight of Maintenance Training and Examination Organisations 3 01/07/2018 (PDF)
Part 147 Compliance Checklist (DOCX)
AN26 Implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) for SCAA Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisations (AMO) 4 09/10/2019 (PDF)
AN27 Instrument, Data and Equipment 1 30/11/2017 (PDF)
AN28 Definitions used in aircraft certification 2 29/10/2019 (PDF)
AN29 Environmental Protection Standards 1 05/02/2018 (PDF)
AN30 EASA Part M and Part 145 Compliance Statements 1 14/03/2018 (PDF)
Annex A - Part M Compliance Statement (DOCX)
Annex B - Part 145 Compliance Statement (DOCX)
AN31 Introduction of a new Airworthiness oversight auidit management tool 1 20/03/2018 (PDF)
AN32 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing Appeal Process 1 28/03/2018 (PDF)
AN33 Airworthiness Exemptions 1 28/03/2018 (PDF)
AN34 Implementation Plan for amended EASA Continuing Airworthiness Requirements 1 31/12/2019 (PDF)