ADR Notices / Directives


 Ref. Title Issue Date Download
1/2008 Procedures for the Issue of a Notice to Aerodrome License Holders 30/12/2008 (PDF)
 2/2008 Requirement for aerodrome Operators to assess the impact of bird strikes at the aerodrome and implement measures to control the hazard including the control of development of facilities on or in the vicinity of the aerodromes that are likely to attract birds.
 30/12/2008  (PDF)
 1/2009 The requirement to periodically determine and report information regarding runway friction characteristics.
 01/01/2009  (PDF)
1/2010 The requirement for airports to measure and report the pavement strength (pavement classification number (PCN)) 01/01/2010 (PDF)
1/2019 Amendment to Seychelles Manual of Aerodrome Standards (SMAS) 15/01/2019 (PDF)