SCAA restricts Operation of Boeing 737 max in its airspace


A safety directive has been issued to all aircraft operators restricting the operation of Boeing 737-8 max and Boeing 737-9 in the Seychelles Flight Information Region.

This follows similar restrictions by other civil aviation authorities, including the UK, European Union  and Asia,requesting the suspension in respect of the two aircraft models. The bans came as a consequence of two fatal aircraft accidents involving the B737-8 max, with the latest being the Ethiopian Airline’s on the 10th March 2019.

Henceforth the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) has taken the appropriate action, as per its statutory obligation, in the interest of safety of aircraft operations, and that of the public.  External reports are drawing similarities between the latest Ethiopian airline crash and that of the Lion Air flight 610 which occurred on the 29 October 2018, involving the same type of aircraft.

“ Given the similarity of the two accidents, it has been decided as a precautionary measure that all operations by the two types of aircraft in the Seychelles, whether local or foreign operators, should stop until appropriate safeguards are in place. This is needed to give assurance and continued confidence in air travel, which remains the safest means of mass transportation.”

“Although for the time being none of our commercial operators are using these models, it might however be possible that we receive request from private operators using such types of aircraft in our airspace, hence this is why we have decided to take this precautionary measure.”  said Wilfred Fock Tave, Chief Operations Officer.

The notification takes effect as of 4pm local time, today (Wednesday 13th March 2019)


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Seychelles signs accord to upgrade air navigation services

In order to be at par with the global and Africa-Indian Ocean region (AFI) plans for harmonization of technologies, increased airspace capacity and improved environmental efficiency that modern air traffic growth demands in every region around the world, Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority is engaging into a process to modernize its air navigation services.

Consequently, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed today in the margin of the World ATM congress in Madrid, Spain between Seychelles and a German based airport and consultancy services (ATRiCS). The signing was done by Mr. Garry Albert, the Chief Executive Officer of the SCAA, who is leading a delegation at the congress and Mr. Wolfgang Hatzack Chief Executive Officer of ATRiCS. Through this MOU, it has been established that both parties will  cooperate on a world-leading trajectory-based ATM automation system for tower and approach control services, as well as Remote Tower Optical Systems for remotely operated aerodrome control services within the Seychelles Flight Information Region (FIR).

“We are going to implement an ATM modernisation programme that will improve the safety and efficiency throughout our operations, enable us to provide better services to our airline customers and cater for future growth. There has been a significant increase in air traffic movements in and out of the Seychelles International Airport and FIR in recent years. In 2013 we handled around 47963 flights per year whereas in 2018, 63190 flights were handled per year. All indication shows that the traffic movement will continue to grow and we aim to be ready" says Mr. Garry Albert, the Chief Executive Officer  of SCAA.

SCAA will be collaborating with ATRiCS, as their modular best-in-class and open market approach is fully in line with their idea of a responsible air navigation service provider.

“SCAA and ATRiCS share the same vision of the transformation the ATM market will be undergoing. We feel very honoured to collaborate with them, and  look forward to joining forces for delivering a fully integrated and highly automated ATM system for area control, approach and tower.” said Wolfgang Hatzack, Chief Executive Officer ATRiCS,

SCAA’s current ATM system have several limitations impeding the implementation of a modern performance based procedures, it is therefore highly recommended that  it modernizes the existing one, and introduce surveillance to eliminate the limitations so as  not to be left behind regionally and globally. Furthermore, this project will enhance safety, increase airspace capacity, improve flight efficiency and minimize the adverse environment effects in the Seychelles airspace.


About SCAA

The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) was established under the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority Act ,2005, as an administrative and financial body corporate to provide for the services, facilities and regulation of civil aviation activities in Seychelles, consistent and in accordance with national and international standards. For more information, please visit:

About ATRiCS

ATRiCS Advanced Traffic Solutions GmbH offers airport-specific software solutions and consultancy services. ATRiCS products are in use all over the world, wherever benchmarks are being set in the fields of modern integrated controller working positions, tower automation and taxi operations management. ATRiCS systems enable transport hubs in Europe, Asia and the Middle East to use individual route planning, guidance and A-CDM compliant outbound sequencing to make maximum use of their existing infrastructure.  ATRiCS supports the introduction of operational traffic systems with a wide portfolio of simulation and validation tools.

About World ATM Congress

The World ATM Congress is the world’s largest international air traffic management (ATM) exhibition and conference. It is a Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) in partnership with the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA). They bring together the world’s leading product developers, experts, stakeholders and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). Aviation thought leaders gather for three days of conference sessions, product demonstrations and launches, contract closures and educational and networking opportunities, in Madrid, Spain.


The Signing ATM Modernization project  PHOTO ATM congress team    

Delegation from Seychelles attends the Global Investment in Aviation Summit

Minister Dogley and Mr Albert with the delegation from SCAA.

Seychelles explored international best practices to drive the direction for future airport development plans, by attending the
Global Investment in Aviation Summit (GIAS) in Dubai recently.

The summit provides a platform for investors, governments and airport operators around the world to network and share their models for airport development and aviation related projects.

A high-level delegation was led by Mr. Didier Dogley, the Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine attended the summit to explore investment models and possibilities for the Seychelles International Airport (SIA). He was accompanied by the CEO of Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority’s (SCAA), Mr. Garry Albert and members of his executive team. Also present was Mr Jean Claude Adrienne, the Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles to Abu Dhabi.

Minister Dogley had the honor of being a panelist at the summit.  In his presentation on the theme ‘Global Nations’ strategy for a sustainable growth in Aviation’ he shared his vision of having a commercially sustainable airport that will convey the expected first and last impression as a tourism destination, delivering a five star service.

“To achieve these plans, Seychelles is cognizant of the need to explore investment opportunities with the aim to implement its future airport infrastructure developments plan. Important components of such a plan is human resource development and technological innovation in order to achieve greater efficiency and improve the overall customer experience’ said Minister Dogley. 

Currently Seychelles’ airport handles over 1 million passengers annually being international and domestic arrivals and departures, and has the potential to increase revenues generated by the commercial aspects of the business.

“There is a need for SIA to be strong commercially, as we seek to upgrade and modernize, it is important to understand the investment models that have proven to be successful for other airports, and see if they can be applied to our case,” said Mr. Albert.
The Seychelles delegation also took this opportunity to network with key leading aviation partners such as the Groupe ADP Paris Aéroport and Abu Dhabi Airport Company, where they exchanged ideas on airport development plans and investment models as well as current challenges in the aviation industry. The SCAA delegation also visited the futuristic mid field terminal airport project and the Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies in Abu Dhabi.

ICAN Conference 2018

14th December 2018

ICAO Air Services Negotiations (ICAN) Conference

Seychelles meets with 23 countries to renew air services engagement

For the very first time since Seychelles has been participating in the annual ICAO Air Services Negotiation Conference (ICAN), Seychelles meets with 23 countries and signed eight Air Services Agreements.

The Conference which was this year held from the 10th to the 14th December in the Kenyan Capital Nairobi marks 7 years of Seychelles’ active participation in this event which has redefined and shaped air transport development on the ground for the past years.
Eight Air Services Agreements were signed on behalf of the government of Seychelles with the following countries; Kenya (the host country), Bahamas, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey, Rwanda and Jamaica, by Ambassador David Pierre, who is accredited to Kenya.

“Seychelles as a small Island State needs to ensure that it remains well connected with the rest of the world; this is in fact vital to our economic development; which relies heavily on tourism and trade. These Agreements provides an important framework that would allow for strategic planning and continued development and growth in air services and the tourism industry in Seychelles,” said Ambassador Pierre.
The Kenyan Minister responsible for transport, Infrastructure, housing and Urban Development, Mr. James Macharia, who signed the Agreement on behalf of the Kenyan government noted the excellent relations that exists between the two countries.

“Seychelles and Kenya has a strong bond of friendship based on trust and mutual understanding; this Agreement that we signed today attest to this. I would in fact like to note that our two Presidents are very good friends; the recent visit of President Faure to Kenya for the sustainable Blue Economy Conference and the commitment made by the two leaders to support one another in realizing the full potential of the blue economy. This is very positive as we both see the benefits of our continued collaborations in a myriad of fields, but most importantly in aviation.

Today’s signature is an important stepping stone in our bilateral relations and an important step in our cooperation as developmental partners in the region,” he said following the signature of the Agreement.

Seychelles has been attending ICAN conferences since 2012, when it was held in Saudi Arabia, and Mr. Gilbert Faure, the SCAA CEO has headed the delegation ever since, on behalf of the government of Seychelles. Some of these agreements had been concluded as far back as 2012, when Seychelles first participated in ICAN .

“It is truly a historic moment, we are very proud that after many years of robust engagement and negotiations we have managed to sign these Agreements this week” said CEO Faure.

During the one week conference Seychelles also met with several other countries to negotiate and conclude new air services framework, they were with; Chile, Mali, Poland, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Luxembourg and Mozambique.

Other meetings during the week were with delegations from the UK, UAE, Iran, Comoros, Zambia, Qatar and Tanzania.

“Seychelles’ participation in this year’s ICAN was a success for the African region overall, particularly in spearheading the global aviation agenda to meet the goals of Agenda 2063 of the African Union and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“I am very proud of what we have accomplished thus far for Seychelles. Going forward, we have a lot of work to do to ensure that air transport continues to grow on an upward trajectory” said Mr. Faure who will be retiring at the end of the year after more than 40 years of serving diligently and making significant contributions in the development of the aviation industry of Seychelles.

Mr. Gilbert Faure was accompanied at the one-week Conference by the Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Mr. Alan Renaud, the CEO-designate of SCAA, Mr. Garry Albert, the Head of Air Transport at SCAA, Ms. Florence Marengo, the Air Transport Officer, Mr. Kurtis Lespoir and the Assistant Air Transport Officer Ms. Thelma Dubignon.

The signature of this batch of Agreements is expected to propel the bilateral aviation relations between Seychelles and the signatories to greater heights. They will now be submitted for ratification including approval of Cabinet and the National Assembly after which they will be filed with the ICAO.


ICAN 2018 1  ICAN 2018 2  ICAN 2018 3  ICAN 2018 4



About ICAN

ICAN is the annual global forum where delegations of members States of ICAO, consisting of Department of transports, Aeronautical Authorities, and Ministries of Foreign affairs as well as airlines and aviation experts meet to network, discuss and negotiate air services conditions through a series of one-to-one meetings.

About Chicago Convention

The Chicago Convention also known as the Convention on International Civil Aviation established the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations charged with coordinating and regulating international air travel. The Convention establishes rules of airspace, aircraft registration and safety, and details the rights of the signatories in relation to air travel. The Convention was signed on December 7, 1944 in Chicago, U.S., by 52 signatory states. It went into effect on April 4, 1947, the same date that ICAO came into being.

About ICAO

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a UN specialized agency, created in 1944 upon the signing of the Chicago Convention. ICAO works with the Convention’s 191 Member States and global aviation organizations to develop international Standards and Recommended Practices which States reference when developing their legally-enforceable national civil aviation regulations.

About SCAA

The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) was established under the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority Act ,2005, as an administrative and financial body corporate to provide for the services, facilities and regulation of civil aviation activities in Seychelles, consistent and in accordance with national and international standards. For more information, please visit:

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