OPS Notices / Directives (Archives)

Ref. Title Issue Date Download
2/2008 1. The Operator’s Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
2. MEL Development Guidance and Policies
3. MEL Submission for Approval and Quality Assurance Review
4. MEL Amendments
01/04/2008 (PDF)
3/2008 1. Operations Manual Amendments
2. Operations Manual Review for compliance to JAR-OPS 3 (not applicable for fixed-wing operators)
3. Effectivity of UK CAA CAP 648 and 649
01/04/2008 (PDF)
5/2008 Adoption of EU OPS – Transition Arrangements
EU OPS Text Final (PDF)
EU OPS Text Final (Highlighted)(PDF)
CAP 648-JAR OPS 1 Cross Reference (PDF)



OPS Forms

Ref. Title Issue Date Download
SR 1801 Air Operator’s Certificate and CAMO Application Nov 2009 (PDF)
SR 1802 Application to vary Air Operator Certificate and CAMO Approval Sep 2010 (PDF)
SR 1804

Approval of Cabin Crew initial Training Organisation - Application and Revalidation Form Aug 2008 (PDF)
SR 1813 Application For RNP Approach Operational Approval Or Renewal Oct 2012 (PDF)
SR 1814 Application for ETOPS Approval Mar 2010 (PDF)
SR 1815 Application for P-RNAV/RNAV 1 Operational Approval or Renewal Aug 2009 (PDF)
SR 1828 Application for AWOPS Approval Oct 2009 (PDF)
SR 1832 Operations Manual - Notice of Proposed Amendment Dec 2010 (PDF)
SR CA4040 Application for an RVSM, MNPS or RNP-10 Operational Approval/ Renewal Mar 2008 (PDF)
SR CA4045 Application for an RNAV Operational Approval/Renewal Mar 2008 (PDF)
SR Form 4 (SR 2815) Nominated Post holders for an AOC Company Dec 2009 (PDF)
SR 1840 Application For Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Approval                                               Sep 2013 (PDF)
SR 1841 Application For Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Approval Sep 2013 (PDF)


  • Simulator
Ref. Title Issue Date Download
SR/SIM02 Application for Approval to use a Qualified Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) Jul 2008 (PDF)


Application for Approval to use a Qualified Helicopter Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) Jul 2008 (PDF)

OPS Notices / Directives

  •  [OPS SD] Flight Operations Safety Directives 
Ref. Title Issue Date Download
OPS SD-2018/01 Flight Safety Document System 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/02 Arrangements in cases of suspected communicable diseases 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/03 Validity of Operational Flight Plans 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/04 Flight Time Limitations – Clarifications 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/05 Crosswind Limits for Landing and Takeoff 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/06 Aircraft Leasing 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/07 ATC Clearances 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/08 Authority's Power to Inspect 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/09 Preservation, production and use of flight recorder recordings 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/10 Authorised Person in the Cockpit 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/11 Cabin Safety Instructors and Examiners 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/12 Aircraft Search Procedure Checklists 18/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SD-2018/13 Operator Operational Control System 18/04/2018 (PDF)


  • [OPS SN] Flight Operations Safety Notices
Ref. Title Issue Date Download
OPS SN-2018/01 AOC Certification Guidance 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/02 Compliance Monitoring Assurance Auditor Independence 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/03 Failing Operators 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/04 ELT Registration  25/04/2018 (PDF)
  > Appendix A - SEY 406 ELT+PLB Registration Form 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/05 Operator’s Financial Condition 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/06 Operator’s Minimum Equipment List (MEL) 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/07 AOC variation application for the inclusion of new types of additional aircraft of same type or variants 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/08 Guidance for persons nominated as AOC accountable manager 25/04/2018 (PDF)
  OPS SN-2018/09 Part CAT.IDE Compliance Document 25/04/2018 (PDF)
Appendix A-Compliance with EASA-OPS Part CAT.IDE-A 25/04/2018 (PDF)
Appendix B-Compliance with EASA OPS Part - CAT. IDE-H 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/10 Carriage of weapons and munitions of war 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/11 Adoption of EASA Air OPS - Transition Arrangements 25/04/2018 (PDF)
OPS SN-2018/12 Issuance of Exemptions 25/04/2018 (PDF)


  • [OPS IN] Flight Operations Information Notices
Ref. Title Issue Date Download
OPS IN-2018/01 Introduction of SCAA Safety Directives, Safety Notices, Information Notices and Compliance Policy Letters  05/02/2018 (PDF)


Ref. Title Compliance Document Issue Date Download
OPS 1/2018 Flight Data Monitoring UK CAP 739 04/05/2018 (PDF)
OPS 2/2018 Approval, Operational Serviceability and Readout of Flight Data Recorder Systems UK CAP 731 04/05/2018 (PDF)
OPS 3/2018 Requirements and Guidance Material for Operators UK CAA CAP 789 04/05/2018 (PDF)
OPS 4/2018 Dropping Persons & Articles
UK CAA CAP 660 04/05/2018 (PDF)
OPS 5/2018 Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air IATA DGR 04/05/2018 (PDF)


Title Issue Date


CAP OPS 100 - Aeroplane Commercial Operations to Operating Sites other than licensed Aerodromes Oct 2013 (PDF)

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