DG Forms

Ref. Title Issue Date Download
 SR/DGO 51 Application for Authorisation to Carry Dangerous Goods in Normal Circumstances Apr 2009 (PDF)
 SR/DGO 26 Application for Approval to Transport Dangerous Goods By Air Operators of Seychelles Registered Aircraft Jun 2006 (PDF)
 SR/DGO 50 Application for Dangerous Goods Training Programs Approval Apr 2009 (PDF)
 SR/DGO 24B Application to Carry Dangerous Goods (Other Than Class 1) Feb 2008 (PDF)
 SR/DGO 24A Application to Carry Munitions of War And/Or Class 1 Dangerous Goods Feb 2008 (PDF)

DG Notices / Directives

Ref. Title Issue Date  Download
1/2011 Dangerous Goods Carried By Passengers or Crew 25/01/2011 (PDF)
2/2011 Batteries Carried in Passenger and Crew Baggage 03/03/2011 (PDF)
3/2011 Transport of Battery-Powered Wheelchairs 19/04/2011 (PDF)
4/2011 Dangerous Goods Safety Oversight Programme 03/05/2011 (PDF)
1/2014 Appointment of a Dangerous Goods Coordinator 01/10/2014 (PDF)
1/2016 Dangerous Goods : Operations Manual Requirements 07/12/2016 (PDF)

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